I was born a healer. 

I have always known there was more to life than what I could access with the five senses.  I didn’t know in the early years that I was seeking, I only knew much of what I was being taught didn’t make sense to me.  I always knew I wanted to serve others, and the only occupation that seemed to fit was nursing.

After becoming an R.N., it still wasn’t enough.  With hospital politics and administrative duties, it didn’t match my innate desire to focus solely on healing and treat the whole person.

So, I enrolled at the Atlanta School of Massage.  I knew I was on the right path from the moment I crossed the threshold of the school.  Here I explored various healing modalities and how to use my hands.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist, energy healing became my passion.

I expanded my knowledge of Healing Touch through the American Holistic Nursing Association, and then, after being drawn to her book on healing through the human energy field, Hands of Light, I enrolled and graduated from the four-year Healing Science program at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  Next, I completed four years of study in the immersion program on Kabbalistic Healing in the Souls Journey with Kimberly Cahill.  I am forever grateful for these and other teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ernest Holmes, and Edgar Cayce.

Ram Dass articulated everything I was ever feeling.  Through his books, recordings, lectures and retreats, I came to truly understand that we are all God.  We are each a unique expression of the One.  By seeing each other in that way, we become more loving and more aware.  When I began to see God in the eyes of each person I meet, my life changed forever.  How could we hurt another when we’re all inner-connected, all One?

Now, after 28 years of study and practice, it’s time to share this wisdom and healing with you.