“Stoke the Spark” In-Home Gatherings

Increase your connection to the Divine in a community setting.  These in-home events are customized to your group of friends who are interested in pursuing a spiritual path and need direction.  You choose whether the gathering is focused on a specific topic or the topic is allowed to emerge through the group.

Common themes include:

  • Meditation practices to use daily to increase your spark of the Divine
  • Creating a Sacred Space within your home or office
  • Getting “me-time” without guilt
  • Using objects to remind you of your own divinity
  • Healing with simple techniques to calm yourself and your family
  • Conversation in an easy discussion about spirituality

Pamela arrives before your guests to set the tone for a sacred gathering.  Before she departs, she offers insights into practices and suggests available resources.


$50/person; host is complimentary

Minimum of 4 guests + host for a 2 hour session; extended sessions are available

Location within 50 miles of Macon, GA; travel charges apply for greater distances

Contact Pamela to schedule a time

“The sacred spirit manifests in all that is, continually sustains us, and allows us to begin again at any time, infused with energy from which we can never be separated.”   – John McQuiston II