There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about “thoughts and prayers.”  Does it really mean anything when spoken to someone in physical or emotional pain?  It truly depends on the speaker.

When I hold someone in my heart because I know they are suffering – I feel pain.  The pain of not being able to alleviate that suffering.  And I am aware that my pain is nothing compared to the pain of losing a loved one, having a cancer diagnosis or any disruptive trauma.

When we feel totally helpless, thoughts and prayers are something we CAN do.  Those thoughts and prayers spoken with Love and Intention make a difference.  Prayer does not have to be a formal ceremony.  For me, everytime the person or situation comes to mind, I say a prayer.  I imagine that we are in the same room and I feel the Love I want them to feel.  It doesn’t take long but I feel connected and every drop of loving energy sent to someone in crisis can be used by them.  It can mean the difference between getting through the day and not being able to get out of bed.  We don’t know how our prayers will be used – that is not up to us.

Because EVERYTHING is energy, that means our thoughts are as well.  And Energy directed by Intention is the power of the Divine.